Evil in the World – What is a Bad Man But a Good Man’s Teacher?

There is evil in the world. That statement has caused more suffering and pain in the world than any other thought. As you look at the atrocities of murder, war and inequality of the world, you may point to these as proof that there is true evil in the world. Do you realize that the people who are responsible for those unconscious acts are thinking the same thought? They justify their actions by believing their victims somehow deserve their punishment. A suicide bomber walks into a gathering of people and kills dozens of men, women and children. How much hate and thoughts of evil do they have in order to do something like that? Through unconscious thought they no longer see the victims as people, only the enemy. Either through religious indoctrination or hatred they are able to commit suicide this way.

Violence is created by stressful thoughts in the world, stressful thoughts that are not met with understanding. The way to find peace in conflict is to look at the thought that produced the conflict. Violence is an insane action in that the person thinks it is the only way to express their thoughts. If you are hurt in an act of violence realize that it is over as soon as the event is finished. Pain will come and emotions will rise, but they are your reaction from the event that caused them. The present moment is ever flowing and any action is already in the past. Only your attachment to it gives it any life. How many times are you going to repeat the painful experience in your mind by holding onto the event? The act of violence may have come to you without your permission but you always have control over your reaction to it.

The suffering you attach to the pain is only a stressful thought. Even when a violent act is committed over again it cannot live outside of the attachment you give to it. When you believe a stressful thought it becomes part of your experience. If you believe that the world is unfair, you believe you’re a victim. You give your power away to the belief that you are not in control of your reactions to life’s events. When you believe insane thoughts, the results are anger and violence. Violence is unconscious behavior that is totally immersed in ego thought. Because ego thought is so disconnected from recognizing the value of anyone else, violence is an acceptable response to anyone who disagrees with you. Individual beliefs become so strong that they attract others into a collective belief of superiority. War and horrible acts of violence are created by this process.

A clear mind projects peace and harmony to all people and nature. Without your stressful beliefs, the world is a paradise. The ability to see and feel the difference in stressful thoughts and non-stressful thoughts is the foundation of this concept. So many people carry resentments as a badge of honor. Prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s is an example of how after the American Temperance Society became so adamant that drinking alcoholic spirits of any kind was destroying society, created a nation of bootleggers, organized crime to smuggle alcohol and untold deaths from people drinking moonshine and bathtub gin.

You have enemies because you believe them to be enemies. You can extend respect and understanding to anyone, you can have compassion for people who suffer from believing stressful thoughts. You can turn the other cheek when you are harmed in any way as an act of accepting that you are not a victim, rather you can see the unconscious suffering in the other person that caused the aggression in the first place. You can always move away from aggression if possible or take action to prevent additional attacks. Everyone has the right to defend themselves against aggression however be clear about your perception of what is actually harmful and what is just a stressful belief.

You can have compassion for people who are stuck in unresolved beliefs and love them for who they are. Your ability to resolve and understand your own stressful beliefs will free your mind and allow you to act in clarity. Bring peace into your being and you bring peace to the world.

“The Nature of Awareness” is a comprehensive study of the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection. for more information and free download of sample chapters.

This book is an expression of my spiritual journey. When the thought of writing this book came to me, I wanted to explore individual and collectively held beliefs and test them against my understanding or awareness to see what new awareness could be gained by this inquiry. I found that any subject could be met with inquiry and a lot of beliefs fell by the way as I pushed the envelope of understanding. The journey always led back to the truth that the source of all life is also the final answer to all questions. The creative energy field of all creation, the source of all life, is the alpha and omega. Without the spark of consciousness we call life, there would be no evolution. The journey back to unity with the creative energy field is the path of self awareness. Once a topic was examined there was no barrier to peeling the beliefs away to get to the understanding of where those beliefs came from and if they were rooted in stressful ego identification.


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