The Joy of a New Dawn!

The Joy of a new day

The beauty of nature

Motivating us to mature

The laughter of a baby

That brings joy to so many

Reminds me of the peace we experience

When we carry out our mandate

The applause we receive

As we touch many lives

The hurdles we scale

Each time we give lives a meaning

All these add springs to my feet

Propelling me to do more

For I know my strength

Lies in those hurdles

I watch minutes tickle to hours

I count and recount my favours

Then I heard the solemn whispers

Of the early morning breeze

I reached out to my window blinds

Parted them hither and thither

I saw the perfect beauty of nature

The smile of the rising sun

The glitter of the early morning

I ginned sweetly

Yes, a satisfactory beam washed my face

This is the joy of a new day

It’s a new day of laughter

The laughter that replaced the pains of the night

Tears of yesterday is gone

The uneventful past

The selfish yesterday

Those nights filled with nightmares

Have all been wiped off

With my seeds on the altar

Trials and failures of the past

Have all gone down the drain

Here is the bliss of the new day

My influence spreads today

This day I will not fail

I refuse to give up

I truly do not fear

I must excel today

This is my day to enjoy

My morning to blossom

Here is my era of the beautiful life

I am God’s elect

Specially called out by grace

God bestowed His beauty on me

His grace is my endowment

With it, I impart my world

It makes my world feel my impact

You know I own the world

Therefore, I’ll saturate it with my ministration

This day I walk in boldness

I operate in dominion

I bask in the fullness of God’s blessings

These blessings cause me to laugh

I manifest the glory of God

And achieve greatness in all things

This is my new day

It is my time to rejoice

Yes, my time to shine

Like this rising sun

My opportunity has risen again

To build the lives around me

As I build and build

I bloom and glow

My words make more impact

My money change more destinies

My talents beautify more lives

I am the joy of many generations

I manifest greatness all around

My world will again

Experience joy, peace and love

Yes, they will shout and rejoice

At the dawn of this new day!