The GIN – Global Information Network Review

I first heard about the Global Information Network while doing research on other multilevel marketing products. I believe in multilevel marketing as a business opportunity that gives people the chance to work from home. However not everything that looks like a multilevel marketing program is a multilevel marketing program.

So what have I learned about GIN? Global Information Network is not a multilevel marketing business for one thing, no matter what their recruiting letter might say. There organization may be divided into levels and they might offer monetary incentives for recruiting new members but there is no actual product. As GIN’s own website says the GIN is not a business opportunity.

I have seen at least one recruitment letter for the GIN that sounded like it was trying to recruit people for a multilevel marketing program but GIN is not an MLM business. The only “product” offered by the GIN is a community of supposedly connected business people and celebrities. They even cite members of “secret societies” as members of their organization.

That the GIN even bothers to reference a New World Order that is conspiring to keep the poor repressed is distressing. That they claim they will combat this fictional conspiracy with knowledge from organizations typically accused of being in on the conspiracy is deplorable. What does it say about the GIN that they try to establish credibility by playing up conspiracy theories?

I wish I knew who founded GIN. Global Information Network makes it clear they have no intention of announcing who their founders are, or anybody else for that matter. It is all too easy to claim that business tycoons and celebrities are members when you never have to give out their names.

I always try to be open minded but that became increasingly difficult the more I looked at GIN. Global Information Network is not registered in the US or a European nation it is registered in the Caribbean islands of St Kits and Nevis. I realize using Caribbean nations as tax shelters is common practice but when combined with all of the mystery that GIN cloaks its self in I have to wonder if this was a decision made with an eye out for possible future prosecution.

Sure the affiliate program could sound enticing to anybody who knows how to market. Marketing knowledge can make it possible to sell anything, including membership to an organization like the GIN. Global Information Network offers $200 per recruit to their affiliates. I just hope they make good on their affiliate offer.

I can only conclude that I do not think joining the Global Information Network is a good idea. There are plenty of multilevel marketing programs out there that I would suggest to anybody considering a home business opportunity before I would suggest the GIN. I would also advise them to take the time to learn how to market effectively in the 21st century.