The New Economy – You Can Profit From It

The new economy is here and is being ushered in by possibly the greatest economic revolution the New World has ever witnessed. Individuals who understand the trends of critical economics can position themselves to take advantage of this technological revolution. Since its inception, the United States has witnessed 3 major economical revolutions. Studying these trends can prepare those who aware of what is happening can take advantage and position themselves to ride the S curve of this current technological revolution.

The first revolution that occurred in the United States was the agricultural revolution. The fledgling US economy was powered and sustained by two major critical components of this era. The first component was the invention of the cotton gin, with the second being free labor also known as chattel slavery. These two components were massive enough to propel the economy of the newly formed nation past that of its matriarch nation Great Britain. The owners of slaves and cotton plantations were fortunate enough to be positioned ahead of this S curve to create massive wealth. This is the tendency to be aware of; to be positioned right ahead of rising industries and trends.

The next application of new economics can be seen in the appearance of the industrial revolution. This economic revolution was also propelled by two other major components, the expansion of commercial roads and the development of the enormous railroad and transport system needed to transport goods manufactured by the newly built factories. The mavericks of this industry were at the helm of the steel industry fueled by the need for steel for railroads and factories.

This latest revolution has not fully arrived, but you can see the evidence of its presence by the labor pains echoing though our national and global news. The downsizing of old sector jobs and large rise in vacancies in the Internet marketing and technology stratosphere is evidence enough of this revolution. The loss of manufacturing jobs being outsourced is more evidence that the old industry in no longer the big boy on the block. This third economic revolution has appeared in three separate and different tiers. The first tier was the invention of computers and the second tier being the development of the Internet. Computers along with robotics were also responsible for eliminating a massive amount of manufacturing jobs. The latest tier of this economic revolution is mobility and what this ushers in is ubiquitous access. Mobility makes it possible to work from anywhere and allows individuals and businesses to conduct commerce beyond border, over bodies of water in different continents and even in the stratosphere.

The individuals who have properly positioned themselves to take advantage of these trends will reap the benefits of being in the right place at the right time. The trends include careers in Internet Marketing, Mobility, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization. Together these four disciplines are ushering a new generation of millionaires and billionaires. If you doubt that, look at the new generation of wealth builders. Names like Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerburg, David Woods, and Mike Dillard jump out at you and for good reason. Just quick Google of their names will show they all have one thing in common; they are leaders in all disciplines previously mention. They are beneficiaries of the new economy. Odds are if you follow the footstep of these gentlemen and carve out your niche in the coming S curve of this new economy, you will be positioned to make a small fortune.